MODEL IS 5'11" & 80KG - SIZE L 

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Rockefeller long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Navy


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"Love this shirt, Havent found anything that fits this well in years. Had to buy all the colours"- Leo S.



🚨NEW: Introducing "The Rockefeller" polo shirt – a timeless blend of sophistication and comfort. This knitted long sleeve polo embodies the understated elegance of old money style.
Limited stock—grab yours now for premium style and unmatched comfort in any season!

Model is 5'11, 86kg and broad. Wearing a size L for a Regular fit.

Product Qualities

  • Maximum flexibility
    Comfortable fit with a luxurious feel, whilst prioritising durability.

  • Wrinkle-free
    No more ironing: machine wash, hang and ready to go.

  • Breathable and fast-drying
    Soft and fresh all day long

  • Stain-resistant
    Liquids slide off the fabric without leaving a trace

  • No odor
    Neutralizes the bacteria that causes body odor when we sweat


Tailored to those who Train

Cali puts the effort in to design tailored fitting clothes for people who put in the effort to build their physique. We focus on highlighting the areas that make you look most muscular.


Cali helps you embody success in the way you dress, allowing you to go through life with confidence. We help you bring your vision of understated class to life.


Our clothes are handcrafted from premium heavy weight materials utilizing custom cuts and unique patterns. Built to be incredibly soft whilst stretching to highlight your physique.